Price Lists

Price Lists Price lists allow you to override the catalog pricing of products for specific customer segments and/or sites. You can override products’ list price, sale price, advanced pricing information such as MSRP, cost, MAP, and the price of any extras associated with the product in a price list. You […]

Digital Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards You can create a digital gift card as a product that shoppers can buy on your storefront. The steps are similar to creating a normal product in your catalog; however there are some unique steps that are required in order to correctly create and configure the digital […]


Facets For each category configured for your tenant’s product suite, you can define a set of facets that filter the site product results. You can define facets based on the following sources: Product categories, which show subcategory values Price, which can show a range of values or discrete values Product […]

Inventory Management

Inventory Management You can manage product inventory in Admin, which allows you to associate products with inventory and track the available, on hand, on reserve, and on backorder quantities for your products in Kibo eCommerce. Once you associate products with inventory, you can then control products’ storefront behavior based on […]

Dynamic Categories

Dynamic Categories Dynamic categories allow you to specify dynamic expressions that control the products that belong to them. For example, you want to create a category that contains all products that have been in your catalog for 30 days or less. You can create a dynamic category that specifies to […]

Static Categories

Static Categories Static categories allow you to manually specify the individual products that belong to them. Refer to Categories for more general information about categories and the different category types that you can create. Create a Static Category To create a new static category: Go to Main > Catalog > Categories. Click Create New Category > Static Category. Enter a Category […]


Categories Categories organize products into divisions that control where they appear on your site. After you build the category hierarchy, you can add individual products to categories and subcategories in the hierarchy. For example, if your online store sells a mixture of disposable gloves, work gloves, and ancilliaries you might […]