Product Types

Product Types A product type is a template of settings and attributes that you create for a specific set of products. Every product in your catalog has a single product type associated to it, and you must associate each product with a single product type. You can modify your product […]

Product Attributes

Product Attributes Product attributes define the characteristics of products, enabling you to uniquely describe a product. You can also use product attributes to create facets on category pages to help shoppers narrow their search results. Refer to Attribute Facets for more information. Attribute Types Product attributes can either be options, properties, or […]


Products A product represents any item for sale on a Kibo eCommerce site. The entire suite of products defined for a merchant is called a master catalog, which is shared across sites with individual catalogs. Products can include: An unlimited number of attributes, which uniquely describe the product Images of the product […]


Sites, along with catalogs, are second-level catalog elements underneath master catalogs. Sites are actual shopper facing storefronts that shoppers use to order products. You can only associate one catalog to a site. Your site may or may not be a Kibo eCommerce-hosted website where shoppers purchase products in a catalog online; […]


Catalogs, along with sites, are second-level catalog elements underneath master catalogs. Catalogs are where you associate products with a specific site and/or location, and you can create any number of catalogs for each master catalog. Use catalogs to build collections of products for specific sites and/or locations. You configure and […]

Master Catalogs

A master catalog enables you to share products and manage inventory across all catalogs that use products in it, regardless of the site, location, or channel used to sell products. A Kibo eCommerce tenant can maintain any number of master catalogs based on the number of site or location collections that share […]

Catalog Structure

Catalogs are at the core of our business: it list all the products we offer to shoppers and store details about every one of our products such as: name, price, product code, images, etc. There are two types of catalogs: Master Catalog—specific to our tenant and contain all the products […]